Global Missions

Global Missions Vision Statement

To make Christ known around the world---to enable those He has called to serve as missionaries to go throughout the world and proclaim the gospel and to care for the needy in the name of Jesus Christ; to develop mission mindedness and global awareness in the community; and to provide a variety of opportunities for

learning and serving in Global Missions.

Global Missionaries and Ministries

Neelsville supports a host of missionaries and mission ministries around the world. We are active partners with our missionaries; communicating regularly and hosting them when they are home on furlough. The church also encourages adults and youth to participate in short term mission work and to consider a vocation in missions.

  • Advocates International

    Advocates International is an organization of lawyers linking over 120 countries together, to help believers transition from closed atheistic societies, to open, democratic societies. Advocates encourages and trains Christian lawyers, judges and national leaders to meet locally, nationally, regionally and globally in order to advance justice, religious freedom, biblical family values, conflict resolution and the integration of faith and profession. Their efforts have been as varied as helping street sellers obtain justice from predatory local officials, to helping to write law for a new national judiciary in a developing country. Advocates remains actively involved in D.C. with efforts to lobby for strengthening our country's religious freedom agenda, particularly pressing the current Administration and the State Department to take a stronger stance on religious freedom abroad. Pictured is Brent McBurney, Advocate's President and CEO.

  • fraser & liz Bennett

    wycliffe bible Translators, SIL

    Fraser & Liz Bennett serve worldwide from Dallas, Texas with SIL in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Fraser's job, as International Language Program Training Director for SIL International, is to make sure that Bible translation training is available worldwide. He supports program coordination in Asia, Europe, and the Americas; training center development in Papua New Guinea; and translation curriculum development in Africa. Fraser is finding ways to make Bible translation easier and more efficient!

  • steve & kim Blewett

    wycliffe bible translators, usA

    Steve & Kim Blewett are linguists with Wycliffe Bible Translators who were sent to Papua New Guinea in 1981. In 1987 they went to Bougainville Island to begin translating the Bible into the language of the Rapoisi people. Currently they also assist translators from twelve other Bougainville languages to translate the Bible into their own languages. Scripture books have been printed and audio recorded for at least seven of these languages. Steve & Kim recruit the local community to help translate which has led to many coming face to face with the Word of God!

  • Howard & Jo-Ann Brant

    Sim USA

    SIM (Serving in Mission) is a missional community of God's people who delight to worship God and are passionate about the Gospel, seeking to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. Howie and Jo-Ann have served with SIM since 1971 in Ethiopia, Ghana, USA and Kenya. In 2011, Howard and Jo-Ann returned to Ethiopia to help the Gurage people to whom they took the Gospel 40 years ago. They spent years training up leaders in the scriptures at Bible School. Their discipleship has since multiplied and reached hundreds. In 2015, they retired from the international field. In retirement, Howie teaches and speaks at churches and conferences. Jo-Ann still occasionally travels overseas in order to represent the East African missionaries. Neelsville has been on their support team since 1985.

  • Shirley killosky

    Kids alive international

    Shirley has served in Hauna Village, Papua New Guinea since 1979 in partnership with Kids Alive International. Shirley founded and directs the Hauna Schools which minister to hundreds of children and adults from preschool through high school. She teaches, writes teaching materials, develops primers, directs the children's choir, trains and supervises preschool teachers, and supervises and teaches Sunday School and Bible study. Hauna has a church and Bible School in which many are discipled in Christ. They also founded a medical center which currently serves about 1,000 patients a month. Shirley and her team are reaching out to other villages in the upper Sepik River area and bringing Jesus Christ into the jungles surrounding Hauna.

  • Medical Benevolence foundation

    MBF is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to transforming lives by building sustainable medical ministries in developing countries. Through long-term partnerships, MBF equips indigenous churches with tools and resources that allow them to meet the health care needs of their community and share the Gospel. Our vision translates into a set of medical ministries that serve the poorest of the poor in the developing world, providing critical care for women and children, hospital and clinic support and development, spiritual ministry, and nursing schools and scholarships. We work with roughly 16 hospitals/clinics and 5 nursing schools across Africa. We work with 2 major clinics and one nursing school in Haiti. Neelsville supports the nursing scholarship fund as the FSIL School of Nursing that works with Hôpital Ste. Croix (HSC) the primary hospital in the Léogâne region - a 60-bed facility with ER, Radiology, Pediatric, Maternity, Laboratory, and Pharmacy.

  • Gary & pat sheppard


    Gary & Pat Sheppard retired in 2015 after 50 years of missionary service, 40 of which were with SIM! Although they moved to the SIM Retirement Village in Sebring, FL, they still help care for the needs of SIM missionaries there and also in Charlotte, NC. The Sheppards reside in Charlotte for six months out of the year where Gary serves in the Maintenance Department, and Pat serves at the Reception Desk, coaches newly appointed missionaries and reviews newly submitted applications. They continue to advance the gospel through their local church, SIM and beyond. Formerly they spent 15 years in Niger and Nigeria; Gary was a pilot responsible for transporting missionaries, while Pat was a nurse in a local hospital.

  • Sons of Thunder

    This mission started as a 10,000 acre farm in Zambia, Africa. It has grown to include a medical center, grade school, and church providing continuing outreach and evangelism to the people of Africa. They have many successes for which they are thankful. Their method of "Farming God's Way" continues to produce lasting physical and spiritual fruit, training over 58 families. Educationally, 400 students attend the grade school in 1st to 7th grades while local adults support their families by working in micro sustainable enterprises. Neelsville sent a mission team in August of 2008 and worked closely with medical missionaries Sal and Renee Marini. Keep up with Sal and Renee by visiting the Sons of Thunder website at

  • Sean and Bethany Walker

    After 10 years of service in Central Asia, Sean & Bethany Walker and their teenaged kids returned to the States in 2017 to work in the home office of their sending agency, The Antioch Partners, in Houston, Texas. In his role as Operations Coordinator, Sean works to build organizational capacity to send more missionaries, and Bethany volunteers as an educational consultant while teaching part-time for NorthStar Academy. Their vision is to mobilize, equip and send more long-term cross-cultural servants to the mission field and to help them to thrive there.