If you'd like to be a part of the next Membership Class, 

contact the office by calling 301-972-3916, and we'll be sure to let you know when the next opportunity comes around. Until then, feel free to worship, serve, and grow at NPC!

What does it mean to be a church "member"? The Bible teaches that God intends for us to play an active and vital part in the body of Christ, the local church. He intends for His churches to be healthy places and for the members of those churches to be healthy as well. We believe membership at Neelsville can produce spiritual growth in our members as we contribute to the growth and health of the whole. At NPC, we love membership because it's a way of affirming our commitment to be Jesus' disciples in this specific place and time and community where God as called us to live.

Membership means that we make promises to care for and pray for one another, to help each other grow, encourage one another into Christ-like living, and to partner together to share God's love with the wider community. Here is a link to our Covenant of Membership below, which is our way of saying what we commit to as members.


Several times throughout the year we hold a series of Inquirer's Classes for people who would like to learn more. During these classes, we answer the following questions: 

What is the Gospel?

What is does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus and to make disciples?

What Do We Believe?

What is our Mission? 

What are our core values?

How Do We Live in Community?

How Do We Grow Spiritually?

How Do We Serve God in the World?