The Session of Neelsville Presbyterian Church (NPC) consists of the pastor(s) and ruling elders.

The Biblical model of leadership is probably best characterized in the phrase “servant leader.”

Just as Christ didn’t come to be served, but to serve (Matthew 20:28), the role of the elders is

to be servant leaders as they oversee and shepherd. A ruling elder is a member of Neelsville

Presbyterian Church who has been elected by the other members.

The role of the Session can be divided into the two primary capacities of oversight and

shepherding. Oversight means they have a fiduciary responsibility on behalf of the

congregation to ensure accountability of the church to implement its mission, vision, and

values, as well as to provide appropriate legal and financial controls and accountability.

Shepherding means they minister alongside the pastor(s) to provide for the spiritual care and

nurture of NPC members and regular attendees.

Class of 2020

Jason Evans

Joan Ginetis

Kevin Hutto

Michele Kelly

Lynn Kroah

Class of 2021

Wendy Couillard

Brian Farrell

Tony Panetierre

Doris Teye

Linda Wilson

Class of 2022

Sean Morrisey

Tamyra Porter

Would you like to talk with an Elder? Please call the church office 301-972-3916.