We all long for a better understanding of God's Word, a more meaningful experience of fellowship, and the companionship of like-minded believers. The good news for us is that the Lord has provided us with great tools to draw nearer to Him and to better understand His word and His will.

For most Christians, the church becomes most real in a small group setting. Principles and ideas are best absorbed through discussion with a few friends. Our joys and concerns are most easily spoken and most fervently prayed for with a few familiar faces. People are more genuine, discussions are more thoughtful, care and compassion become evident.

God has designed us to share our faith and our journeys with a small group of friends. We want you to have that experience, even in these days of pandemic. Neelsville offers a wide range of small groups and classes, and we encourage you to connect! These include weekly or bi-weekly small groups, Bible studies, and classes. Some are for men, some for women, some for youth, some for couples, some for anyone at all. Most will be meeting on the computer (for example, Zoom), though some are meeting in person in a socially distanced fashion. Most of these groups have 5-15 members, and include time to share and catch up, time to pray together, and a study or lesson together.

We invite you to join any of the classes, Bible studies and small groups listed below! Contact office@neelsville.org for more information.


In the Way of the Apostles: First and Second-Century Christian Teachings (Zoom 9:00am)

The book of Acts chronicles the development of the early church and initial spread of Christianity as led by the apostles. But what happened next? Despite severe persecution, the church continued to grow, led by the disciples of the apostles, also known as the “Apostolic Fathers.” Many modern Christians overlook these early church leaders, though they passed on teachings learned directly from the writers of the New Testament. Dive into the earliest writings of the church outside the Bible, and see what our forefathers in the faith have to say to us today about living as followers of Jesus.

Understanding the Resurrection and 1 John Combined Study (Zoom 9:00am)

“We are not preaching the Gospel of a dead Christ, but of a living Christ who sits exalted at the Father’s right hand…” We will consider the Resurrection from the viewpoint of the Old Testament, the Words of Jesus, and the other parts of the New Testament. Following thoughts on the resurrection, we will consider the tremendous hope and assurance that a believer can have using a study of 1 John. Learn again that "This is the testimony, that God has given us eternal life, and this life is IN HIS SON... ...I write these things to you who believe in the Name of the Son of God, so that you may KNOW that you have eternal life."

Heaven, Hell and the Afterlife (Zoom 9:00am)

Do you wonder where we go after we die? The denial of death is all around us yet many continue to have serious questions and concerns about an afterlife, hell, heaven. This class will look to the Scriptures to teach us ways to answer doubts and questions about these topics, providing hope for ourselves and others. As a biblical theological and cultural survey of these topics we'll consider mistaken ideas and distortions that cause many to question if God is really good. There is no preparation required, but a couple books are highly recommended and there will be some optional outside classwork. 

Study on the Gospel of John (In the Back Parking Lot 9:00am)

Join us for a 12-week study of John utilizing a Lifeway book by Justin Buzzard. The meeting is open to all and will meet in the back lot of the church weather permitting.

Weekday and Weeknight Meetings

Women’s Monday Night Study (Zoom 7:30pm)

We meet every other week over Zoom throughout the year. We are currently deciding on our next study so stay tuned for more info! We are always excited to have new ladies join us in faith and fellowship!

Men's Wednesday Night Study (Zoom 7:15–8:30pm)

All men are welcome to join us for a survey of the Bible, beginning in the New Testament! We will generally be looking at one Bible book each week and expect to work our way through Revelation before we take a break for the summer. We discuss the author, the reason it was written, and some of the major emphases. No study guide is required, just use your Bible and we will watch some videos from the Bible Project. 

Women’s Friday Morning Bible Study (Zoom 10am-12pm)

This wonderful group meets on Friday mornings throughout the year. We do a variety of different studies: Bible books, topical, book studies, and videos. We are now studying Elijah by Priscilla Shirer. This study and this teacher come highly recommended! We welcome visitors and new members and hope you can join us!