We all long for a better understanding of God's Word, a more meaningful experience of fellowship, and the companionship of like-minded believers. The good news for us is that the Lord has provided us with great tools to draw nearer to Him and to better understand His word and His will.

For most Christians, the church becomes most real in a small group setting. Principles and ideas are best absorbed through discussion with a few friends. Our joys and concerns are most easily spoken and most fervently prayed for with a few familiar faces. People are more genuine, discussions are more thoughtful, care and compassion become evident.

God has designed us to share our faith and our journeys with a small group of friends. We want you to have that experience, even in these days of pandemic. Neelsville offers a wide range of small groups and classes, and we encourage you to connect! These include weekly or bi-weekly small groups, Bible studies, and classes. Some are for men, some for women, some for youth, some for couples, some for anyone at all. Most will be meeting on the computer (for example, Zoom), though some are meeting in person in a socially distanced fashion. Most of these groups have 5-15 members, and include time to share and catch up, time to pray together, and a study or lesson together.

We invite you to join any of the classes, Bible studies and small groups listed below! Contact office@neelsville.org for more information.


The Gospels - an Introduction and Overview (Zoom 9:00am)

Ever wondered why we have four gospels, how they are related, their origins and what they tell us about the mission of God begun in Genesis? Join us for a 10-week tour of these issues as we address these questions and more. The class is designed for those new and seasoned in the Bible. You can expect to come away with a fresh grasp of these books in a way that will strengthen your trust in the God of the Gospel and be equipped to answer challenges to the Gospel writings. 

Living in a Pluralistic Society (Zoom 9:00am)

It is important that Christians live life in a way that does not compromise obeying God, yet live in a society that is often opposed to the gospel. For purposes of outreach and evangelism, Christian struggle with how to not offend the world while remaining faithful to God and sharing His truth. This will be a discussion class. The format will center around a foundational Scripture reading, some introductory remarks, posing of questions, and working together to formulate answers to those questions. Time will also be reserved for sharing concerns and prayer. Each class is a self-contained unit, so it is fine to join at any time during the quarter.

Being a Christian — What Does That Mean? (Zoom 9:00am)

We will be exploring discipleship and reviewing basic beliefs to help us develop answers to doubts within, as well as challenges without. This will be a video-based "no homework" class so don't hesitate to join.

I Once Was Lost: What Postmodern Skeptics Taught Us About Their Path to Jesus (Zoom 9:00am)

On the heels of the Engagement Project, we will diving a little deeper into what it means to “love your neighbor” and what themes have been seen in bringing people to Christ. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in this 8-week study in an interactive, learning environment. The book, by Don Everetts, can be found on Amazon and all efforts will be made to provide copies as needed.

Weekday and Weeknight Meetings

Women’s Monday Night Study (Zoom 7:30pm)

Join us every other Monday for the Kay Arthur study "Loving God and Others: The Heart of True Faith." This is an inductive study that helps us observe, interpret, and apply scripture into our lives. Our group meets year round, with short breaks between studies. We are always excited to have new ladies join us in faith and fellowship!

Men's Wednesday Night Study (Zoom 7:15–8:30pm)

We have been studying along with the sermon series this past fall and resume again. We review the Biblical text (the Book of Acts) and Pastor Jeff's sermon. Come join us as we learn more about the early church, and what lessons we can apply to our lives and our church today. Our time together is usually about 30 minutes of catching up and prayer time, followed by 45 minutes of study. New members are always welcome!

Women’s Friday Morning Bible Study (Zoom 10am-12pm)

This wonderful group meets on Friday mornings throughout the year. We do a variety of different studies: Bible books, topical, book studies, and videos. We are discussing a new DVD study by Dr. David Jeremiah called Forward: Discovering God's Presence and Purpose in Your Tomorrow. We welcome visitors and new members and hope you can join us!