At its core, NPC has a very simple mission statement: To glorify God by being and making disciples of Jesus.

“Who is a disciple?” “How do I become a disciple?” A disciple is one who responds in faith and obedience to the gracious call of Jesus Christ. Being a disciple means modeling your life, your thoughts, your actions, after the example and teaching of Jesus by the empowering of the Holy Spirit. And the related word discipleship refers to the process through which God turns us into people who trust and follow Jesus Christ our Lord. Based on careful study of the Bible, making disciples like Jesus made them, Neelsville has adopted the following discipleship process:  worship God, grow spiritually, go serve, and celebrate changed lives

Worship, Grow, and Go! This is a very simple process, and the diagram of its simplicity has several significant characteristics.

  • The circular process flow indicates that there is not necessarily a starting point, and there certainly is not an end point. It is a continuous, lifelong process. Most of us can probably recall how we got involved with a church family for the first time -- a Sunday worship service, a mission trip, a fellowship picnic or other activity of the church. There are many entry points to this process, and all are good.
  • At the center of the process is a focus on celebrating changed lives at every step along the way. God uses all circumstances to shape our spiritual character, and we should continuously look for ways to celebrate changes in our own lives and in the lives of others by giving glory to God.
  • Finally, the circular process flow signifies continuous movement. We should each embrace an attitude of never standing still in our faith journey. Growth as a disciple of Jesus requires movement. 

Now that you understand NPC’s simple mission statement and the simple discipleship process, you probably expect a simple call to action: Get engaged in the discipleship process.

  • For those that are not yet involved in the process, just get involved with things you like to do, and you will discover what your gifts are. You might pray for getting connected with others in the church to help guide you.
  • For those already involved in a number of things, you might pray for guidance on how to further move and grow spiritually.
  • Also, it is incumbent on those in leadership positions to invite others to get involved. Personal invitations to join a small group, serve on a mission, sing in the Choir, or Praise Team, can be very effective ways to get others engaged.

The adventure of discipleship is a lifelong process that requires individual commitment and the fellowship of the entire church family. God will use all circumstances and the relationships that we have with other Christians to shape our spiritual character, and it is incumbent on each of us to embrace the discipleship process of Worship, Grow, and Go! Celebrate changed lives along the way, and don’t stand still!

May God bless you in your discipleship journey!